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Individually hand built ceramics with machine embroidered textile accessories.... 

Pirate foxy commission
Cats in boxes
sea cat
badger, foxy and hare
standing cats
standing cats
lioness and cheetah
lovely hounds
tinned brooches and necklaces
cat necklaces
Archie & Kitty
ceramic cat plates
love and fishes plate
forest animals
Cats on shelves
Catseye Mcflea
The Prey Twins
Cilla & Pipsy
Deadley Nightshade
Criminal Cats
Criminal Cats
Cereal Killer
Roberta Fishpaste
cat head
Billy the Kitten
Purrcilla Furdo
Iva Fuzzyface
Diamond Fleazer
Bugsy Stickypaws
Criminal cat head
Standing cats
Monty the cat
Mice Pudding
Show cats
Show cats
Hare head
Cat head
Cat head
Fox head
Badger head
Tinned Brooches
Tinned necklace
Tinned necklace
Velvet loves to balance salmon on his head
Velvet the cat close up
Suki loves to bake fishcakes
Vegetarian cat
Bird Watching cat with binoculars
Bird watching cat with binoculars
Mittens needs a tin opener
Mittens close up
Jumper in his anchovy bow tie!
Close up of Jumper
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