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A little bit about me...

Emily exhibits in galleries across the country and undertakes purrsonal commissions of people’s pets. 

At the age of 20, venturing on an Art school trip to Paris Emily believed she met Jim Morrison reincarnated as a plump ginger and white cat sat on his own grave being stroked by women.


This experience fuelled Emily’s fascination for the feline species and from then on she made cats; gingers, tabbies, fluffy, fat, black, white, pointy she just couldn’t stop!

Although she does endeavour to make other animals too and anything else that she might be able to morph from clay, fabric or paint!


Emily enjoys family life in sunny Bournemouth. You will find her making animals, most days and sometimes nights in her garden workshop closely guarded by her two cats Lollypop and Sweetiepie. Although on a Friday meowning she may be swimming in the sea!


If you would like your favourite furry friend immortalised in clay, I can work from photographs supplied. For more information please contact me here.



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